Heat Pumps by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

Are you experiencing problems with your Heat Pump freezing in the cold winter weather? While the presence of a light layer of ice on the unit during cold months Heat Pumps do sometimes freeze up. Typically, the defrost cycle keeps the unit sufficiently ice-free to maintain proper functioning but when the unit freezes for an extended period of time, the issue should be addressed.

Make sure to turn your thermostat in the emergency heat position and use an alternative heat source to avoid running the unit while it is frozen. Running the unit for long periods of time when it is frozen could potentially cause damage in the long run.

Reasons why your Heat Pump might be freezing up include no adequate air flow, fan blockage from the ice build-up; the platform of the unit has become uneven leaving no drainage area for the ice to melt off of or debris such as branches or leaves blocking the unit. It is critical for these items to be addressed as soon as possible so there is no damage to the unit.

If you have checked out all the possibilities above and your Heat Pump is still freezing over you should contact the professionals at Treat’s Heating & Cooling for service 360.825.0800.  We will provide great customer service and come to a resolution for your Heat Pump.

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