Saving Energy by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

Once the cold months arrive – we utilize our furnaces a lot which results in higher energy bills.  Here are a few clever ideas on how you can save some money while keeping your home cozy.

  1. Block drafts by hanging curtains or blinds.  They will help keep the heat inside and the cold air outside.
  2. Replace filters every three months.  The longer you keep a filter in use, the more dirt it starts to collect which causes your heating system to work harder.  Air filters are designed with a certain “air flow direction” so these can be installed by a professional for optimized use.
  3. Choose a programmable thermostat.  It’s estimated that a programmable thermostat can save up to 10% on your utility bill.  These regulate the temperature within your home more accurately than a traditional one, wasting less energy and money.
  4. Get an annual maintenance on your equipment.  Your system will run at its peak efficiency when it has been tuned up.
  5. Check for holes or gaps in ductwork.  If your equipment is running good but there are tears and gaps in your ductwork, you are likely losing heat which results in higher energy bills.

Treat’s Heating & Cooling has trained professionals for maintenance & repair on your heating system.  Call 360.825.0800 for an appointment.

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