Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

Air conditioners work by taking heat from the inside of a home to the unit where it is dissipated into the air.  To do this, Freon is pumped into a compressor.  Inside the compressor, the molecules of the Freon are pushed closer together.  The tightening of the molecules causes the temperature of the gas to rise along with its pressure.  The Freon then gets pushed into a condenser.  Here the gas is converted into a high pressure liquid and cooled.  The cool liquid enters an evaporator inside the house where it needs heat to convert itself back into a gas to begin the cycle, it gets heat from the house and then the house cools.

With an air conditioner working by taking heat from the inside of a home and transferring it to Freon which then moves out of the house this is exactly what a heat pump does.  A heat pump can function like an air conditioner in the warm weather and provides heat in the winter.  When this happens Freon is converted back into a gas outside the house.

Heat Pumps cannot heat a house sufficiently in extremely cold climates.  In these cases a furnace is the clear way to go.  In climates that are moderate enough for a heat pump to handle, the pump provides even more distribution of heat at much greater energy efficiency than does a furnace.  How you choose to heat your house has a big impact on your utility bill and comfort level.

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