Central Air Conditioning by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

Central air conditioning is an energy moving machine that is designed to cool the entire house.  It does not create cool air but rather removes heat from one area to another area that is less significant.

Central air conditioners have a centralized duct system.  The duct system has an air handler, air supply system, air return duct ad the grilles and register that circulates air from a furnace or cooled air from central air conditioning units to the rooms.  It returns the air back to the system and starts again.

The system uses refrigerant (also known as Freon) as a substance to absorb the heat from indoor evaporator coils and rejects that heat to outdoor condenser coils or vice versa.  The air conditioner compressors located outdoors within the condenser unit is responsible for providing the pressure difference in an air conditioner.  The compressor pulls in low pressure temperature from the evaporator and compresses that gas to high pressure, high temperature heats to the condenser.

There are many different types of central air conditioners, but in residential there are two types; a split system air conditioner and a package air conditioner unit.

Split systems have two separate metal cabinets for indoor and outdoor.  These two cabinets are connected to each other with copper refrigerant tubing.  Indoor units, also called air handlers contain the blower, metering device, evaporator coils, control and electrical parts.  The condenser is located outdoors and contains the compressor, condenser fans and condenser coil plus the electrical parts.

Package units are self-contained air conditioner units which have all the components built into one metal cabinet.  Package air conditioners are normally located beside a building, on top of a roof or on a window.

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