Everyone wants to stay cozy in the winter months so here are a few money saving tips for Bonney Lake, WA residents from our professional technicians at Treat’s Heating & Cooling.

Make sure your furnace is running efficiently

As mentioned in our last post, inefficient furnaces can cost you money.  It is best to schedule a regular annual maintenance so you can avoid paying for costly repairs in the future.

Thermostat levels

If you are constantly changing the temperature on your thermostat, this can waste energy & cost you money.  Try to keep your thermostat at the same level and drop it a few degrees while you are away from home.

Close your fireplace damper

Warm air escapes your home through the chimney when you are not using the fireplace.  Close the fireplace damper when the fireplace is not in use.

Cover drafty windows

If you are aware of any windows that may be drafty in your home, use any material you can to help keep the warm air inside your home.  Window treatments and coverings can improve energy efficiency.