There are times when Heat Pumps struggle to maintain an accurate temperature, especially in lower temperatures.  There are a number of potential reasons this could be happening.

Cold Air in the Home

Too much cold air can be getting into your home and the Heat Pump is struggling to keep up.  Make sure all doors & windows are closed.

Ice Build Up

If the unit is iced up run the defrost cycle to thaw it out.

Low Temperatures

If temperatures drop between 35 – 40 degrees outside, the heat pump will become less efficient.  This will result in having to use auxiliary heat to supplement the Heat Pump’s output.

Consistent vent openings

Make sure all your vents are open to maintain an even temperature throughout your home.

Steps after Troubleshooting

If you have considered all of these things and are still experiencing difficulty, go online ( to schedule an appointment or call 360.825.0800.  Our certified professional technicians at Treats Heating & Cooling are here for any of your heating & cooling needs.  We have been proudly serving Bonney Lake, WA residents for over 40 years.