Zone Control by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

You may be curious to know if a zone control system is right for your home. Treat’s Heating & Cooling will go over some information about zone control to see if it is the right fit for your home and how it can help save energy.

If you have a forced air heating and/or cooling system, we can retrofit the system to use zone control which will allow heat or cool air to certain parts of your home.  This will save energy in certain rooms or “zones” that are not occupied.

Dampers will be installed in the ductwork proceeded by a main control panel that will act as the control for the system.  The panel is controlled by different thermostats that are installed in different zones.  When you don’t need heat or cool air for that particular area, it will send a signal for the panel to close the damper to that room.

There are times when a by-pass damper needs to be installed when the air pressure inside the ductwork needs to be adjusted for shutting off a particular zone, however they are not needed for every zone.  Thermostats installed throughout the home can be different types depending on your needs, including programmable, digital and wireless thermostats.

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