It is very important to schedule maintenance on your heating system once a year.  Even the newest of models can wear down in time if you don’t have them maintained on a regular schedule.  Just like an automobile, heating & cooling equipment that is not maintained regularly, may result in much higher cost of repairs in the long run.

Our Treat’s Heating & Cooling professional technicians will clean and inspect your system as well as change filter(s) to make sure that your system is running efficiently.  Regular maintenance can also help you save money on monthly energy costs.  Something as small as a loose bolt or build-up of dirt can cause a problem that can result in the need for a repair.

Avoiding repairs & breakdown are only a few of the benefits you will get from regular maintenance on your system in Bonney Lake, WA.  Here are a few others to consider:

Safety: A technician will make sure all electrical connections are secure, there are no leaks, and the burners are clean; this is a very important investment in your family’s safety.

Life span of your system: A yearly maintenance could add years to your system.  Furnaces have a lot of moving parts that can be subjected to wear and tear.  If you clean/replace these components on a regular basis, it will result in a much longer life span of your heating & cooling equipment.