Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

Heat Pumps and air conditioners share internal components, but their mode of operation is different.  The mode of operation for heat pumps is known as reverse refrigeration cycle, where air conditioners operation a vapor compression cycle.

Air conditioners are mainly used for cooling purposes and maintaining conditions of comfort during high temperatures.  As for heat pumps, their main function is to keep a room heated during very low temperatures.

The condenser’s main function in a heat pump is to generate heating for the room and it is put inside the room to be heated.  The room is kept heated when air blows over the condenser and absorbs the heat, then flows back into the room.  However, the condenser in an air conditioner is used to expel heat into the atmosphere and it is put outside of the room to be cooled.

The cooling effect provided by air conditioners is produced by the cooling coil which is also the evaporator.  This is the main functioning component in an air conditioner and while it is located within the room to be cooled in a heat pump it is located outdoors.

If you are in a region that doesn’t have much cold weather, a heat pump may not be as necessary for those that don’t need winter heating solutions.  Homeowners in these situations often select furnaces and air conditioners for addressing their heating and cooling needs.  A dual fuel system provides the most cost effective operation because it merges a heat pump with a furnace to address heating and cooling needs.

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