Dual Fuel Heat Pumps by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

A Dual Fuel Heat Pump is a heat pump and a gas furnace all in one.  Living in an area where temperatures fluctuate along with electric rates, a heat pump is generally the most efficient way to heat your home.  In the instances when the temperature does drop below freezing, a gas furnace typically provides more heat economically.  By combining the two, you can have the benefit of both systems.

Dual fuel systems will cost you more than the conventional heating & cooling systems because you are essentially getting two systems in one.  But, the amount that you will save in years to come will make up the difference for what you spent.

Relative to the temperature outside of your home, the electric heat pump will perform as both your air conditioner and your heater. If the temperature outdoors reaches extremely low levels, the dual-fuel system will start operating as the gas furnace to produce heat. This is because at really cold temperatures, gas furnaces operate very efficiently due to the fact that they go through a lot less on/off cycling. By contrast, electronic heat pumps operate much more efficiently when the temperature is warmer.

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