Instead of hiring our heater service in Bonney Lake, you could try and fix your water heater by yourself, but we highly advise against it. This is and can be one of the most dangerous things an inexperienced person can try and do on their own. We know that there are step-by-step instructions on how to do so and there are online videos on how to do it as well, but they still don’t account for the experience needed to do it safely. This isn’t to mention the fact that water heaters can explode for no reason at all, especially if there is an inexperienced person working on them and they unhook the natural gas connection wrongly. This is a great way to end up on the evening news or in the obituaries the next day!

These are the sort of dangers and specifics you’ll have to work with when servicing your own water heater:

  • You’ll have to acquire all the tools necessary to get the job done correctly, some of which are specialty tools
  • Don’t forget to initially turn off whatever gas you’re using to heat the water itself
  • You’ll have to begin by draining it and using gravity to do so, but again, don’t forget to make sure you’ve initially turned it off
  • You’ll have to give it a “power flush” by forcing the water heater to expunge its contents via a contemporarily specific vacuum-related action
  • You’ll have open the pressure relief valve in order for the vacuum reduction to be successful

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