Enumclaw WA Heating by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

Enumclaw, WA homeowners can be confident that Treat’s Heating & Cooling can meet any of their heating needs.  Our professional technicians have extensive knowledge of all types of heating systems and are prepared to welcome any questions or concerns you may have about your heating system.  Whether you are looking to have a system repaired, scheduling a maintenance check-up, updating a system, or choosing a heating system for the first time, Treat’s Heating & Cooling can meet all of your needs.

Enumclaw WA Heating Installation

Replacing or Installing a heating system requires industry expertise and our professionally trained technicians will get the job done right.  Our focus for the last 40 years has been properly installing and replacing heat systems in a timely manner that exceeds the expectations of our customers.  Our installers take great pride in doing their job and you can be confident your system will be running with excellence when the job is complete. We can accommodate your busy schedule and will treat your home with the utmost respect.

Enumclaw WA Maintenance

Routine maintenance is a must for optimal performance of your heating system.  Many homeowners assume that if they are not having any problems then there’s no need to spend money on their system, However, comfort systems that are not maintained annually will be less efficient and can end up costing homeowners much more over time.  Annual scheduled maintenance on your current heating system also helps prevent emergency repairs, which could become very costly.

While performing an equipment maintenance, Treat’s Heating & Cooling skilled technicians ensure all parts of your heating system–moving parts, electrical connections, gas/oil connections, combustion/heat exchanger, thermostat–are working properly.  A heating system that is functioning efficiently means less energy is being used to warm your home and less money is coming out of your pocketbook.

Enumclaw WA Heating Repair

Treat’s Heating & Cooling  realizes that heating problems often come at a time when you need your heater the most, so we attempt to get your system repaired as fast as possible.  We also understand most families operate on a budget, therefore we diagnose and repair the problem in the most cost effective manner possible, including offering our professional opinion on whether or not it makes financial sense to replace or upgrade to a more efficient heating system.

No matter your situation, if you allow the highly skilled team at Treat’s to solve any heating challenges that come your way, your preventative measures can avoid further cost & damage to your system.  Since our team regularly receives ongoing training, you can be confident in our technician’s competency to handle any issue.