Enumclaw WA Furnace Repair

If you have purchased a high quality furnace, you can expect it to function well without major repair for ten to fifteen years.  On occasion, and without routine maintenance, a furnace will fail to run well and will need repair. If you suspect something may be wrong with your furnace, we highly recommend you call the team at Treat’s Heating and Cooling located in Enumclaw, Washington.

In order to protect your furnace from significant, and often costly repairs, contact the experts at Treat’s at the first sign that you may have a problem. Our highly skilled professional technicians will accurately pinpoint the problem and propose a plan to get your furnace running at its ideal performance again.

Diagnosing Furnace Problems

The cost of repairing the furnace may seem daunting, however, tackling the repairs is a vital step in prolonging the life of your furnace. Although your furnace might be working, letting a problem continue will cause failure in good working components.

If your furnace is unable to heat your Enumclaw home in the saw way it has in the past, that is one of the first signs that you have a furnace in need of repair.  Another sign is a thermostat temperature that is not consistent with the actual temperature of your home.  Although you may not experience the previous two problems, it’s possible the evidence of a problematic furnace will be a steep increase in your energy bill.

Another area where you may notice a change is your ductwork.  A declining furnace will begin to deposit dust and debris in the ducts that will eventually make its way out of the vents and into your home. If your furnace needs to be cleaned and the fan is no longer working as it should, you will begin to see dark edges around your vents.  It’s important that all Enumclaw homeowners install a carbon monoxide detector near your furnace to prevent the hazard of the potentially deadly gas.

Furnace Repair Technicians

At Treat’s Heating and Cooling in Enumclaw, you can count on the experience and expertise of our professional technicians.  Our team participates in on-going training in order to gain the knowledge and skill necessary to stay current with technology. Our Enumclaw technicians are knowledgeable about multiple furnace models and brands.  Our technicians will work diligently to repair your furnace in a timely manner while not forsaking your budget.