Enumclaw WA Air Conditioning by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

Treat’s Heating and Cooling offer our customers a large selection of air conditioning services in Enumclaw, Washington. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers by providing on-going system maintenance, system repairs, as well as new air conditioning system installation.  We have been proudly serving the Enumclaw area for 40 years and are excited to serve your family in any way we can.  .

Enumclaw, WA Air Conditioning Installation

One of the many concerns of our customers is having confidence that the company they hire is capable of getting the job done efficiently with cost in mind.  Since it is an expensive investment, our highly skilled air conditioning team will meet with you to discuss your all of your air conditioning needs. Not only are we well equipped to recommend a new system to homeowners looking to invest in a cooling system for the first time, but also offer a range of energy efficient cooling systems to help homeowners with existing systems save money.

Enumclaw, WA Air Conditioning Maintenance

Living in Enumclaw, where the outside temperatures are mild and cooling systems may get limited use, it can be easy to underestimate the importance of maintaining your air conditioning system.  Over our 40 years of experience, Treat’s Heating and Cooling has learned that customers who regularly maintain their air conditioning system will typically spend less money over the life of their system than other Enumclaw customers who do not regularly maintain their system and are forced to deal with urgent, expensive repairs.

The benefits of regular maintenance far outweigh the inconvenience.  First, a cooling system that is efficient saves a homeowner a substantial amount of money over the life of the system since it requires less energy to cool your home. Second, maintenance repairs are significantly less expensive than emergency repairs that usually occur a the peak of the season. Third, inviting Treat’s Heating and Cooling’s skilled technician to inspect your air conditioner on a regular basis allows them to correct minor repairs and spot potential signs of future mechanical breakdown of your system. Routine maintenance allows you to save more money and avoids a breakdown of your cooling system during the uncomfortable heat of summer. No matter what company installed your system, Treat’s can service and repair any brand or model of cooling system and keep it operating efficiently.

Enumclaw, WA Air Conditioning Repair

Sadly, air conditioning systems that were not routinely maintained often experience system failure at the peak of a hot summer season. Most homeowners demand their cooling systems kick into high gear and run them constantly after a long season of inactivity.  When a cooling system is not used for a period of time, there is no way to know if it’s functioning at optimal performance. When need for repair presents itself, you can count on the highly skilled Enumclaw technicians to quickly diagnose the repair and get your air conditioning system functioning at its optimal performance. While our expert technicians diagnose the problem and cost of your system, our technician will also compare how cost effective it may be to replace a dated, less-efficient system in comparison to the cost of the repair. It is our desire at Treat’s Heating and Cooling to help our customers make confident decisions on the best air conditioning system that will suit their needs.