Enumclaw WA Air Conditioning Installation by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

More and more families in the Enumclaw area are upgrading their homes by installing air conditioning systems. At Treat’s Heating and Cooling we understand there are numerous options to choose from when deciding which AC system is right for your needs.  For most homeowners, choosing a cooling system will depend upon guidance from a highly experienced professional.  You can be confident that Treat’s has the knowledge and experience to help you determine which system is right for your home and your budget.

It is important to the team at Treat’s Heating and Cooling that our Enumclaw customers are fully satisfied with our work. We also do our absolute best to schedule your air conditioning installation at a time that fits your busy schedule.

Enumclaw WA High Quality Systems

Treat’s prides itself in offering the best quality in cooling systems on the market.  When you select Enumclaw’s finest technicians, you can expect they are highly skilled and capable of tackling any installation, regardless of the complexity of the job.  Our technicians engage in on-going specialized training that empowers them to offer quick, efficient installation without sacrificing expert installation.

Enumclaw WA Ductless Mini–Split Air Conditioners

Families in Enumclaw who are looking to cool off a few rooms in the house rather than the whole thing should consider a mini-split air conditioner.  Sometimes all homeowners need is to cool off larger areas of their home, and the mini-split air conditioner can be a cost effective way to do so.  Because the installation puts the compressor outside and another smaller unit attached to a cooling fan on the inside, it can have more upfront costs than other systems.  However, it is a ductless system, which means less time and money is spent cleaning the ducts and needs only yearly cleaning.

Enumclaw WA Packaged Air Conditioners

If you own a moderate sized home, you will want to investigate the installation of a packaged air conditioner as your choice for cooling. It’s a relatively simple system that requires the use of your current ducts in the home and an outdoor compressor.  When it comes to your air conditioning installation, we offer all types of brand and models.

Enumclaw WA Central Air Conditioning Systems

Homeowners of larger homes, or those in larger office spaces, will want to choose a central air conditioning system.  This is a powerful system that has the ability to sufficiently cool and sustain a constant temperature throughout a larger space, including those with multiple floors. This system also relies on ducts internally and an outdoor unit externally.

Enumclaw WA Picking the Right AC System

Choosing the right air conditioning system for your needs does not have to be complicated, if you consult with a professional.  It’s important to keep in mind that too large of a system can end up wearing down its components due to constant turning on and off.  Too small of a system will run constantly in order to keep up with cooling demands and greatly increases energy bills. Contact Treat’s Heating and Cooling in Enumclaw to ensure you are choosing the system that is the perfect fit for you.