Heating System Installation

There are many important factors to consider when installing a heating system and you can be confident that the 40 years of experience that Treat’s Heating and Cooling have offered to the Bonney Lake area are just what you need. Our experience, plus expert technicians, will help you develop a plan to best meet your project’s unique needs, whether new construction or updating an older home.

We take our commitment to customer service seriously and we want to make sure each and every one of our customers walks away satisfied.

Choosing the Right Type of Heating System

Choosing what type of heating system will work best for your project is the first step in installing a heating system.  Since systems are constantly upgraded by manufacturers and new technology continues to change heating options, it is important to work with a company that has trained technicians with extensive knowledge in multiple systems to ensure you are choosing a system that is the best fit for you. While many more homeowners are taking on home projects more than ever before, it’s critical to remember that a heating system is customly designed for your size of home and the type of energy source available in your area. Knowing what level of efficiency you will choose for your system will also determine upfront costs versus long term savings. Our company will help you decipher which system is the right design for you and spare you unnecessary expense.

The Importance of Proper Size Selection

Another key consideration for your new heating system is the size of your system.  Without proper planning you could end up with a system that struggles to meet your heating demands or one that is too powerful and leads to constant starting and stopping strain. Either way, a system that does not meet the unique demand of your home will have a shortened life span and end up costing more money.

When installing a replacement system, it’s important to consider the existing duct work and energy source that accompanied the old system.  With the right replacement heater, it’s possible to reuse existing ductwork, however, it’s important to consult Treat’s Heating and Cooling to be confident that your new heater is compatible with existing ductwork. You may also want to consider changing the energy source of your heating system to eliminate inefficient systems that drain your bank account. We can advise you on a custom system without paying a premium price.

Furnace Installation

There are a great number of excellent furnaces available to our Bonney Lake customers. It will be easy for you to keep your home warm with the many affordable designs to choose from.  In order to choose a furnace you can feel good about, it’s important that you are knowledgeable about the type of fuel they burn and how efficiently the furnace can translate fuel into heat. The standard rating is referred to as the AFEU, and the lower the rating, the less efficient is the system. However, the higher the AFUE, the more expensive is the upfront cost of the furnace.  You will need to consider your climate and the demand that will be placed on your system, in order to determine which AFEU rating is best for you. Our professional technicians can help you determine the AFUE rating that will save you the most in the long run..

Heat Pump Installation

Finally, the alternative to a furnace heating system is the heat pump. If you are looking for a system that integrates heating and cooling in a single system, a heat pump may be exactly what you are looking for. Cool winters and hot summers each demand their own temperature needs, and a heat pump can offer you the year-round comfort for both. While you will be feeling great on the inside, you can feel great knowing that and environmentally friendly heat pump relies on the temperature in the air in order to offer you the heating or cooling you need. You can be confident that we install the finest systems available in a timely manner with your budget in mind.