Bonney Lake WA Air Conditioning Installation by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

Determining whether or not you should install a new air conditioning system is an important decision. We understand that it can be difficult to decide which system is the best for your family’s needs and budget when there are so many options to consider. That is the reason Treat’s Heating and Cooling have been helping the families of Bonney Lake for 40 years as they walk through the process of choosing the air conditioning system that is right for them.

It is our goal that our customers experience the highest satisfaction in customer service with our friendly, knowledgeable team. We will also take the time necessary to educate you and offer our professional recommendations to help you evaluate the many options available to you.

The Bonney Lake, WA air conditioning installation experts at Treat’s Heating and Cooling offer quality installation, repair, maintenance, and other heating & air conditioning services throughout Western Washington including Buckley, Bonney Lake, Sumner, Puyallup, Tacoma, Auburn, Black Diamond, Covington, Maple Valley, Federal Way, Kent, & Seattle WA.

Bonney Lake WA High Quality Systems

At Treat’s Heating and Cooling, we maintain the highest standards for our company, and that also applies to the products we offer our customers. You can be sure that if we recommend it, it is a system that meets the highest quality and performance standards. Our team of skilled technicians are thoroughly trained in all models and designs of air conditioning systems, so you can expect the installation to be done as efficiently as possible.

Bonney Lake WA Ductless Mini–Split Air Conditioners

If you are looking to cool only a few rooms of your home, a split model air conditioner may be the right choice for you.  This type of cooling system results in the placement of the major parts-compressor, expansion valve and condenser-outside of your home while a different unit, which contains the cooling fan and coil is placed inside the home. This type of system works best for cooling large spaces of your home, or more than one area.

Mini-Split air conditioners are unique from whole house conditioners and can cost a bit more for installation.  However, they do not require any ductwork and only require yearly cleaning of the unit for maintenance. Actual cost for installation and energy use will depend on how many BTU’s will be needed to adequately cool your home.

Bonney Lake WA Packaged Air Conditioners

For homeowners desiring a cooling system that efficiently cools the entire house, a packaged air conditioner could be the best choice for moderately sized homes. This system involves an outdoor compressor and a system of ducts that will move cooler air to multiple locations within your home.

Bonney Lake WA Central Air Conditioning Systems

For cooling larger homes, the best option may be a central air conditioning system. This type of system is typically used for larger homes and buildings since it can maintain a consistent temperature throughout multi-floor spaces and large open spaces. The central air system is similar to packaged air conditioners in that it has an outdoor system and utilizes indoor ducting, yet it’s main difference is in the power and size of the overall unit.

Bonney Lake WA Picking the Right AC System

Choosing the air conditioning system that is right for you is critical if you desire to get the most energy efficient for the best price. If you choose a system that is too small, it will constantly run and rack up huge energy bills while shortening the life of the system.  If you choose a system too big, it will consistently turn on and off, which leads to extra strain on the components of the system.

Allow the professional expertise of the Treat’s Heating and Cooling team to assist you in determining the system that is the best fit for your family. It would be our pleasure to install an air conditioning system that keeps you comfortable all year long.